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 A Fine Art, detailed approach during the editing process  

An interactive look at a RAW image before any editing has occurred to the finished product.

This beautiful vacation home in Seabrook, Wa was designed and photographed for Grouparchitect. The thought of this image was to incorporate the Seabrook sign and the house at the same time. During the editing process we made road improvements to keep your eye focused on the house. Looking closely at the hillside landscape you can see how we removed the tarp and the landscaping hay barriers that created quite the eye sore. Extreme detail is always our focus and one of many reason to choose us to photograph your next project.

Client: Grouparchitect

The photography focus on this new apartment building in Samammish, Wa.  was on the exterior off the building. Based on the time of day we were faced with some severe back lighting. This image edit includes a sky replacement, removal of a sign, and removal of unwanted distractions.  This amount of editing is provided with any professional commercial portfolio photography service.

Client: Grouparchitect

This beautiful residential three car garage addition was a pleasure to photograph. Although it had to be photographed in December. And like many home owners they had Christmas lights strung up. The client needed this image to be a year around image. So the challenge became how to create that look. We carefully edited out all of the lights including the wreath hanging above the door and like magic it doesn't look like December anymore. Another challenge was the light.  The backlit house meant multiple exposures to have a sky but the sky was pretty grey so it was replaced as well. Lot's of little clean up was done on the driveway to remove rocks and leaves too. All in all a very good looking all year around image now ready for the client. 

Client: Grouparchitect

This extremely stunning new construction home in Seattle, Wa was a dream to work on.  This home happen to be a full tear down and rebuild. The photography challenge was the hillside that the home sat on and the unfinished backyard landscaping. Sometimes removing unwanted items from the image just doesn't work out so instead  we will crop it out. In this image it helped to do so and gave a cleaner perspective of the home. The rest of the railing and the shrubbery in the lower right corner of the image were then removed. As well as the ladder in the lower left corner of the image. The standers cleanup was also performed to ensure a 100% clean image.

Client: Grouparchitect

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