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Welcome To AMF Photography!

My name is Alex Farrell, I am the owner and operator of AMF Photography. I have been photographing for 20 years and have been doing it professionally for 10. My life passion is to capture the beauty of this world, help people with there photographic needs and educate those who share the same passion and desire to learn the art of photography.



Here at AMF Photography we offer the highest quality business photography.

  • We specialize in photographing interior and exterior commercial and residential spaces.

  • AMF Photography is licensed and insured to produce stunning aerial images using a state of the art drone.

  • We love to help make you or you team look its best with professional headshots and lifestyle portraits.

  • Need your house or office walls filled with beautiful PNW images on metal or canvas? AMF Photography has you covered there too!

  • One-on-One tutoring is offered to educate you more about a camera you are using for personal or business purposes.

  • Workshops are provided to take you or a small group out on an adventure to chase a beautiful sunrise or sunset.

Part 107 Certified For Aerial Photography!

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Aerial Photography is currently one of the fastest growing technology being used in the photography industry. Utilizing this type of different perspective can help solve a variety of common problems. 

AMF Photography holds a Part 107 License issued by the FAA, is fully insured and abides by all federal and local sUAS laws.

Remote Pilot Certificate #4051921

See the Transformation from before to after editing

An interactive look at a RAW image before any editing has occurred to the finished product.

This beautiful vacation home in Seabroo, Wa was photographed for Grouparchitect. The thought of this image was to incorporate the Seabrook sign and the house at the same time. You can see we made some raid improvements to keep your eye focused on the house. looking closely at the hillside landscape you can see how we removed the tarp and landscaping hey barriers that created quite the eye sore. We were successful in removing a lot of distracting detail. we are extremely detailed oriented as you can see. One of many reason to choose us to photograph your next project.

This image is of the SAMM Apartment in Sammamish. It was photographed for Grouparchitect. This image edits include a sky replacement, removal of a sign, unwanted distractions were taken out, cleaned up pavement. This amount of editing is provided with any professional commercial portfolio photography service.

This residential three car garage addition which also included a renovation of the old garage into a game room and theatre was quite the challenge to photograph and edit. Since it was captured in December, the home owner had Christmas lights on the house which were carefully edited out along with the wreath hanging above the door. The backlit house meant multiple exposures to have a sky but the sky was pretty grey so it was replaced as well. Lot's of little clean up was done on the driveway to remove rocks and leaves too. 

This stunning house was designed by Grouparchitect for a private resident. This project was a full tear down and rebuild. During the editing process I dealt with unwanted handrails and shrubs that were overwhelming. Instead of removing that much stuff I cropped in to give a closer perspective of the home and then remove the rest of the railing and the big distracting shrubbery in the lower right corner of the image. If you look very closely you will see a ladder was also removed along with a lot of little clean around the image. Luckily we had a great sky to work with in this image. 

How We Work

Thanks for stopping by today!

We pride ourselves on both the quality of our work and customer service. Those are our top commitments. We offer a guarantee of work to ensure that our customers are satisfied.


We specialize in:

Interior, Exterior, and Aerial Photography of both residential and commercial spaces. We work closely with the following type of clientele:

  • Architect Firms
  • Builders
  • General Contractors
  • Rental home companies
  • Real Estate agents
  • Retail and Restaurant Owners


If there is a space or building that needs to be photographed and featured for your business, trust in AMF Photography  to meet your photographic vision.


Professional studio, lifestyle, and environmental portraits are a service that we provide with the ultimate attention to detail. Providing incredible images of the people who help to run these important companies. Busy at work? No problem, we will come to you. We have a mobile studio that can be set up in your office or conference room proved enough space, set up the backdrop and lighting and capture a studio style portrait. If you prefer the more outdoor style we can accommodate that as well. 


Fine Art Prints for sale: I have been capturing the PNW almost half of my life. I help to support businesses by offering prints to hang on there walls to be enjoyed by many. The medium of prints include metal, canvas, and fine art paper. These are offered in many different sizes and price. My catalog shows a diverse selection of amazing PNW scenery.

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